Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Mermaid Project

I've started work on a series for an accordian book of mermaids.  I don't have a specified route to the end.  I just plan on using different mediums and different papers and when I have nothing more to say on the subject the book will be done!
This first work was done on sketchbook paper coated with gesso.  The medium for all parts of the mermaid are drawing inks.  These inks contain shellac and when applied to the gesso preparation gave a shiny, bright, vibrant look.  The back areas of the water were done with watercolor.

The second work below was also done on sketchbook paper, uncoated with only drawing inks.  The finish is somewhat flat... need to think how to rectify that.  Any suggestions?
Below is the change with some shading using colored pencils.


  1. Could you just glaze with a gloss medium... perhaps several layers?

  2. Maybe some stencils on her face? Or rub-ons? She is lovely, by the way! Both are!