Saturday, March 12, 2011

All the Buzz

Yesterday I decided to start with a single piece of paper and then just keep adding pieces and go where ever it took me.  I started with a blank 100lb bristol ATC blank and decided to use some new crackle medium I picked up on my rainy day trip to the art store.  I base coated with Ultramarine Blue acrylic and then mixed a bit of Indian Turquoise into the crackle medium.  I applied a very thin coat which gave a small fine crackle to show the ultramarie through.  I then used a grab bag scrap of yellow toned cardstock and cut a hexagon door.  This was glued on top of the bristol board.  I've had bees on the brain for several weeks now so the hexagon door mimicked the honeycomb shape and I honeycombed my journal page with markers and glued the ATC onto the page.  Inside the door I added a Rosetti charm ephremra print that I topped with a bubble epoxy sticker.  She became my queen bee in her own private bee hive boudoir.  Next I added a few trinkets and fashioned a door with string and brads.  Lettering and bee illustration done in markers!

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