Saturday, July 2, 2011

Field Trip to Nut Farm Nubians

Take a walk with us up the hill!

Today was horn burning day for our two newest little kids.  So off on a field trip to visit Lynn McAdams at her farm in Trinity, NC - Nut Farm Nubians.  Lynn is a great friend and is one of the most amazing women I know.  She manages her farm - all alone - all 150 acres loaded with about that many goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, peacocks, parrots (and the sort), dogs and 1 little crow baby named Russell that she is feeding after it's mum thought it an ugly duckling and booted it out.
Recently Lynn had a birthday so of course a handmade card was in order!  I was rushed for time so it wasn't as layered as I would have liked it, but she liked it and that was all that counts.

Here are a few pics from today's field trip!

How many goats is too many?
Xio loves on a GREAT BIG donkey!

Who said Ca-who-a-who-a's and crows can't be friends!!

Russell (the crow) and Xio

Lick Lick Lick

Lynn, Xio and Saanan babies!
Thanks Lynn for another great day at your farm!