Thursday, March 10, 2011

Into the Paint Pot

I was urged by my friends in a yahoo art group to start an art blog.  I warned them that I'm really bad at blogging (obviously) but I'd give it another try.  So instead of starting a new blog I thought I'd just carry on from this one so saddly neglected (can I claim I was in hibernation all winter?).  I will endeavor to post daily (ha, we'll see about that) about my daily art-fart - cuz you know there's gonna be one!

Today's entry is a little painting technique I flipped upon in Bernie Berlin's book "Artist Trading Card Workshop".  You first find a magazine image of a face that you'd like to apply the technique to.  I chose Natalie Portman's b&w photo in a January Newsweek.
Once you have applied the image to your intended paper (trading card, journal page, etc), you cover it lightly with a coat of gesso.  You can see lying on the table beneath my gessoed Natalie the final look you are going for from Bernie's book.
Next you define the image with markers and paint her up.  The final result is a very cool ghostly looking image that you can funk-i-fy or glamorize or do your own thing to.  For my first attempt I stole the blond hairdo on Bernie's example.
I was a bit heavy handed with the sharpie, but it was a good exercise and I'm ready to try another one with complete Anna-Funk!  Keep your eyes open for it!


  1. This is very like the technique Teesha Moore uses. i like your result better. it is very good

  2. Hi Anna-glad you have reopened your blog!!