Thursday, March 31, 2011

Calling all Faeries

These are hand felted using the wet felting technique using wool from my own sheep.  I have a set of patterns I designed to cut them out.  They are hand embroidered and sewn together using varigated embroidery floss. The circle embroidery design on the top right hand dress was taught to me while living in Guatemala and involves the use of a coin.  Now if I can just get those fairies to pick up their laundry!

Mermaids pt 3

This is the fourth in the series.  The paper is 140lb watercolor on which I did a watercolor base.  On top I've taken heavy structure gel mixed with acrylics and applied with a palet knife.  This style is very outside of my comfort zone so it was more an exercise is stretching my boundries!  Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mermaids pt 2

Another in the series.  This one is done with watercolors and watercolor pencils.  The variation in the sky just won't show up on the scan so I darkened it a bit with my picture software. Still not great.  There is a nice blue variation in the original.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Mermaid Project

I've started work on a series for an accordian book of mermaids.  I don't have a specified route to the end.  I just plan on using different mediums and different papers and when I have nothing more to say on the subject the book will be done!
This first work was done on sketchbook paper coated with gesso.  The medium for all parts of the mermaid are drawing inks.  These inks contain shellac and when applied to the gesso preparation gave a shiny, bright, vibrant look.  The back areas of the water were done with watercolor.

The second work below was also done on sketchbook paper, uncoated with only drawing inks.  The finish is somewhat flat... need to think how to rectify that.  Any suggestions?
Below is the change with some shading using colored pencils.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Eggs!

Yesterday I started work on Easter Egg ATC's for an upcoming swap.  The styles are all over the place... think I need to find a style and stick with it?! lol!
#1 - Green Eggs & Ham  done with markers, stamps and a cut-out piggie.
#2 - Zenegg done with markers and colored pencils.
#3 - Earth Egg done with the foil tape described in the previous post.  This time I rubbed the black acrylic paint into the crevices and buffed off the extra. The edges are sealed with copper foil tape.
#4 is based on an old Ukranian wax egg and I chose it because it had a goat on it, of course!  It is done with pen and markers
#5 is just a fun little drawing of the easter bunny done in markers and pen.
#6 took some trial and error in it's construction.  It is a faberge egg done with gold and silver leaf pen, copper foil and ephemera.  The top opens to reveal a pull up hen with a key to the front lock.  The front doors open to reveal two lovers.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and remember, throw paint... not eggs!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Foiled Again!

This was an experiment using foil tape.  I had originally decided that I was going to try this on air conditioning tape, but I found it to be too hard and/or thick.  I found some foil tape used for sealing leaking pipes or insulating hot water pipes.  It has a thick cushiony texture to it (almost a silicone backing).  It gave better impressions when I drew on it.  This was a first try in my funky mixed journal.  It required 3 and a quarter strips to cover the page, but the seams don't seem to take too much away from it when you look at it in person.  Next I'll have to go find some alcohol inks to add to it, since I saw somewhere that they look really neat on foil.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thought for the Day

Just a little thought sitting on my desk that needed to be heard today :-)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Cubist Goat You Ever Saw

Okay, one more attempt to try and understand the construction of cubism... this time one of my goats (this one was a baby and her name is Milky Way).  This time I added the stencil for Sox!  I think the spots mess this one up and maybe I should have done them in straight sided shapes, but you do and learn!

DIY Cubism

I've had a few conversations recently regarding cubism and how it was produced.  Exactly how does one go about transforming an object or person into a cubist painting?  There are many explanations such as a cube has six sides, 3 of which are visible at any one time, however, you show all 6 sides.  I've also read that you paint the spaces "in-between" the objects - whatever that means.  Some people are of the opinion that there are no guidelines or methods, you much just "understand" the thinking of the day.  I've also read that you turn a 3D object into a 2D object by flatening it.  Yet another opinion was that you draw shapes, add to them and then apply the pieces of the object in different perspectives and shades, etc.  The last thought I heard was to reduce the object to basic shapes.  So, trying to use a little bit of each piece of opinion here is my feeble 15minute attempt to turn something into a cubist drawing.  Please hold all laughter until the end :-)

Step One
I started with a picture of the Mona Lisa.
I chose this picture because it has a limited color pallet with darks and lights.  It also has some very distinct features (eyes, mouth, pleating, hands).

Step Two
Next I tried to draw the figure in basic shapes with the outstanding features that I wanted to be noticable in the final drawing.  I'm not sure that it is proper since some of the master cubist paintings are hard to discern anything at all!

Again, please hold your laughter until the end... I'm just going with a method here!

Step Three
Once I had my basic shapes and attributes I started adding those shapes and other shapes onto the paper.  To be honest i tried to think of them as puzzle pieces all dumped out of the box and not yet put together.  Then I added complementary shapes and scattered attributes.

......and then I called my therapist.... now you can laugh!  Hope it brought a smile to your face today!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

All the Buzz

Yesterday I decided to start with a single piece of paper and then just keep adding pieces and go where ever it took me.  I started with a blank 100lb bristol ATC blank and decided to use some new crackle medium I picked up on my rainy day trip to the art store.  I base coated with Ultramarine Blue acrylic and then mixed a bit of Indian Turquoise into the crackle medium.  I applied a very thin coat which gave a small fine crackle to show the ultramarie through.  I then used a grab bag scrap of yellow toned cardstock and cut a hexagon door.  This was glued on top of the bristol board.  I've had bees on the brain for several weeks now so the hexagon door mimicked the honeycomb shape and I honeycombed my journal page with markers and glued the ATC onto the page.  Inside the door I added a Rosetti charm ephremra print that I topped with a bubble epoxy sticker.  She became my queen bee in her own private bee hive boudoir.  Next I added a few trinkets and fashioned a door with string and brads.  Lettering and bee illustration done in markers!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy!

Another new technique that cost me $150! LOL! I wanted to try layering inks over a papered and glazed card but I didn't like the ink colors I had for this project so off to the art store I went.  When entering I picked up a small carry basket because, after all, I only came for ink pads!  Well then a big storm came through after I picked up the ink pads so I couldn't go out to the car then...maybe I'll just look around and see if anything inspires me... holy moly... I should have RUN out the front door in the monsoon! Below are the end results and let's see ($150 / 6 cards equals....) uhm each one only cost me $25! lol!

Into the Paint Pot

I was urged by my friends in a yahoo art group to start an art blog.  I warned them that I'm really bad at blogging (obviously) but I'd give it another try.  So instead of starting a new blog I thought I'd just carry on from this one so saddly neglected (can I claim I was in hibernation all winter?).  I will endeavor to post daily (ha, we'll see about that) about my daily art-fart - cuz you know there's gonna be one!

Today's entry is a little painting technique I flipped upon in Bernie Berlin's book "Artist Trading Card Workshop".  You first find a magazine image of a face that you'd like to apply the technique to.  I chose Natalie Portman's b&w photo in a January Newsweek.
Once you have applied the image to your intended paper (trading card, journal page, etc), you cover it lightly with a coat of gesso.  You can see lying on the table beneath my gessoed Natalie the final look you are going for from Bernie's book.
Next you define the image with markers and paint her up.  The final result is a very cool ghostly looking image that you can funk-i-fy or glamorize or do your own thing to.  For my first attempt I stole the blond hairdo on Bernie's example.
I was a bit heavy handed with the sharpie, but it was a good exercise and I'm ready to try another one with complete Anna-Funk!  Keep your eyes open for it!