Saturday, January 7, 2012

Busy Days and Lots of Art!

My busy season with the soap business starts in late summer / early fall and runs through to the end of the year.  Here and there I have found time to make art, but not much!  I make up for it in January though with new expectations for free time... but is there ever really any free time?!  This post will be an art dump of sorts, all the things I've done since my last post and then we'll get back on track with regular posts.
The following is a series of pictures taken of a work I did in Jane Desrosiers class  It was a great portrait class along with some fantastic new techniques for me!

The next project was from a Cristina Zinnia Galliher workshop on texture over on

The next project was with my friends in the Sketchbook Yahoo Group.  Best group of gals EVER!  This was a Day of the Dead swap I hosted using white paper bags made into a waterfall book.  Love, Love Love the art this talented group of artist sent in!

Next are some new pieces/swaps/stuff I'm currently working on.
The following are swap pieces for my Roses groups.
ATC Shuffle
Swagger Tagger
Postmark'd Art

Next is a new Journal I am working on in the Book of Days Journal group with the fantabulous Effy Wild

The last thing I currently did was a workshop by Zinnia again for an accordian book.  The workshop is called "Just Get Yourself Free" - loved loved loved it!

I think that's it!  But I'm sure I forgot something!  And if so....stay tuned!


  1. WOWIE ZOWIE!! It's an impressive grouping of fabulous art00it's nice to see it all in one place!!

  2. I am glad you stay busy that keeps you from harassing the goats. Love the post cards.

  3. Ok, I see you finally catching up with yourself!! Are you out of breath?? Loved seeing all of these!

  4. You have had a very busy and CREATIVE few months! your work is exquisite, as always, and it's wonderful to see it all in one place. Now that you've updated your blog, I guess I'll have to do the same! LOL.

  5. What a wonderful array of art. It must feel great to see it all in one place and how each piece is beautiful in its own right.

  6. Beauty, beauty, beauty - I guess busy has different meanings to different people - busy to you is that you didn't have time to post?Lori W at Art Camp for Women, Lori de Froup

  7. So many wonderful things to look at you're a prolific journaler and I love every page YUMMY!