Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Book of Days Pages

I am going to post once a week with all the pages I have done for that week rather than dribble them out one by one :-)

Saturday and Sunday - Jan 14th & 15th were done using a stencil from http://www.artistcellar.com/. It's one from their fabulous cathedral series.  I used Heavy Structure Gel from Galleria and pushed it over the stencil with a pallet knife.  Then all it needed was several coats of various metalic paints and powders.  I love sprinkling Pearl Ex Pigment powders (sold by Jacquard) over wet paint and just burnishing it in.  Two of my favorite colors are Spring Green and Super Copper.  After I had done both facing pages I decided I wanted to try and add a tip in of a stained glass window.  To do this, I took a piece of acetate (overhead transparency) and glued pieces of tissue paper to it.  Next I took another piece of acetate and stenciled the same design on it.  Once both were dry I placed them faces together and sealed the edges with copper foil tape.

For Monday the 16th I followed one of Effy's collage tutorials and made a really cute page with an owl on it.  I then decided that a flip out tree would do the thing to bring the piece together.  I used a timecard and put a tree on it with a big owl hole in the middle so you could see the owl behind it (inside the tree).  It was a very fun page to do.

All I can say about this next piece (Tuesday 17th - Friday 20th) is that it is ONE HOT MESS! lol!  I got these awsome  henna hand stencils in from Tracey Bunker and placed them on a painted background and then used acrylics.  Had I left it there I would have been happier with it, but I decided to add a rubon on the left hand of a blue chrysantumum and while I was rubbing it off, the curly pink thing stuck to the page, so I had to rub it off too - argh!... well it was all downhill from there.  At the point I added the I LOVE ART bit to the right hand side I was just trying to see how obnoxious I could make the page! lol!  I think it's best if we just leave it behind....
For the weekend of January 21-22 I decided to do a "Mother/Maiden/Crone" spread.  On sunday I turned 50 and I thought it would be a nice way to commemorate the passage into crone-dom! lol!  This is the first old lady I've drawn/painted and for a first I was pretty happy with it.  Happy Birthday to me!
I got behind the week of Jan 23-29 and come Sunday I had nothing on a page for a week.  I had recently seen an idea of putting little boxes on the page for a whole month, so that a spread would have all the days in that particular month on it.  I thought it would be a good idea for a "catchup" situation like I found myself, and so I used it below.  I am a big fan of Teesha Moore (okay, I like Tracy's work too!) and have wanted to try it for a long time.  So below is my first effort.  It was sooooo much fun!  I cut the dogs out of a magazine and found some human eyes for them and cut out some crowns.  The dog on the left wrinkled as I was glueing it down so I decided he was a BAD DOG and the black one (which didn't wrinkle) was the GOOD DOG! lol!  I just can't explain how much I loved doing this piece and have already planned Monday's spread in the same fashion!
For those of you who have asked about my lettering, I'll be adding a tutorial soon on how to do it.  You don't need anything special to do it, no special pens or ink pen nibs.  I did the lettering above with a PITT pen, but have used all types of pens with equal success!


  1. As I said in the Facebook group I love, Love, LOVE how adorable your flip-out tree tag is with the hidey hole for your owl...GENIUS! Lovely work.

  2. You make wonderfull art, very pretty.

  3. oh gosh!
    i'm so inspired! i had to leave my BOD alone while care taking for an over busy homeschooling schedule and now i'm ready to LEAP in with both feets!!! :)


  4. Beautiful. The owl is my favorite.

  5. I love seeing all your pages together!! I want some of those henna hands!! Did you order them directly from Traci? My favorite page I think is the one with the owl and the tree. Very nice!!

  6. Yes, Janet, the stencils are available at http://www.tracibunkers.com/zen/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=124&zenid=e8ff420de8b9036725b9e6812727a853 She even has a video about how she uses them. Look closely at the start of the instructional video and you'll see some gorgeous artwork using them. I have to practice more, i haven't quite got the hang of it yet!