Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chunkies O' Love

I have the most wonderful group of friends that live at the corner of sketchbook and divine!  Every month we make themed chunkie pages for an ongoing swap.  The swap started back in October of 2011 and we are almost at our 1 year anniversary.  For anyone who is ga-ga over tactile art (those who have to touch it, squeeze it, kiss it, hold it next to their faces and whisper sweet nothings to it in the corners of darkend rooms) this is as good as that dreamy part of the morning when you sleep in late and wake up to the deathly quiet dust motes dancing up and down a sun beam shining in through the window.  It's beyond divine.  All my dear friends sit down each month and truely do their best work to give away.  To give to me.  I love each of these women with wild abandon, consider them my dearest friends.... and yet all I have ever met of them is their art.  How incredibly wonderful is that?  Is that not truly the stuff that feeds our souls?!

This month's theme was Wine Women and Song... or as I like to call it..
Booze, Broads & Bellowing!
I spent the better part of a day stumped, pouring over tons of old photo's, googling "wild women" (note to self:  You might want to rethink a google like that next time when you have a 9 year old looking over your shoulder! Rut Roh!!! Dang nearly slapped the poor girl in the face flinging my hands over her eyes!).  And then I saw this photo....and well, one thing led to another... sometimes it just happens like that and we can't stop ourselves!


  1. Anna, you are hilarious. I love this and can't wait to get my hands on mine!!

  2. To get the full effect you have to use a Harvey Firestein voice! lol!

  3. I have so enjoyed looking through your blog. What a wonderful artist you are!
    Xxx Becky