Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Few Things Along the Way

Just a few things I've been working on lately :-) 

This is a Teesha Moore inspired piece.  I am just mad and wild in love with her work!

This is a fairy house I made for a swap using a 4-6" wooden bird house.  I called it "laundry day".

Close up of the house.  Modeling paste mortar to hold in murano glass beads.

Another altered cabinet card.  This one a vintage theme for a swap.

Yes, I know, ANOTHER altered cabinet card.  Halloween theme for a swap.

This is an altered book/journal I've been working on for a swap.  The theme was to take a work of EA Poe and use it to inspire your book/journal.  I chose The Tell-Tale Heart.  For those not familiar with the story it is a mad man who lives with a kindly old man who he loves, but has a "vulture eye", pale blue and clouded that drives the crazy man mad.  He plots to kill the man and rid himself of the eye.  He creeps into the old mans bedchamber for nights on end to no avail since he never finds the eye open.  Finally one night he does and he kills the man.  He then thinks he cleaverly cleans up the scene and he cuts the man into pieces and hides them under the floorboards.  The next day he is visited by the police who say the neighbors reported a scream the night before.  The crazy man is so confident of his murdering skills that he has the police sit for tea right above the body parts.  The mad man starts to hear a heartbeat which gets louder and faster.  The mad man is sure everyone can hear it and he jumps up and confesses to the murder and tells them to look in the floor for the proof.
I found an old book of Poe's works and used it as my base.  I cut a circle from the center so an eye from an interior page could be seen.  I also cut out the title hole at the top.  I stenciled the cover with modeling paste and a birch tree stencil.  Covered it with stained gauze.  The binding has ribbons with bit and pieces tied to them.

The inside cover.

A few creepy eye zentangle tags tied in with ribbons and beads.

An old tin type tied to a ribbon for a bookmark.  The left page was stamped and then covered with stained tissue paper.

This page has a picture of a heart.  Underneath the heart I have secreted one of those recordable greeting card modules.  Bob and I spent an hour in the bathroom (quietest room in the house) getting the recording just right.  When you turn the page to this page the thump-thump of a heartbeat plays for about 15 seconds.

At the end of the book I glued several pages together and cut some drawer holes in them.  I covered the top with floorboard paper.

Inside the drawers you find..... you guessed it!  Body parts!

The back cover.

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of my wacky weird art world!


  1. I just love that Poe book with the drawers! Fabulous!

  2. Anna--your book is just fabulous!! BTW--the November ATC swap theme on Roses is zetti--you should join that one--Teesha Moore to your heart's content!!

  3. Oh my gosh, Anna!! You really outdid yourself with that amazing Poe book! Such attention to detail. Amazing and wonderful. That was for a swap??!! Wow - I wish I were the one to receive that one!! It's awesome.

  4. A fantastic altered book. You outdid yourself. Perfect and creepy for Halloween. That eye is takes the cake.

  5. OH boy! This is F***ing creepy! Fantastic! Do you ever sleep? I can just picture you guys recording your heart beat! I have often wanted to add sounds to my books where/how can I get the little mechanism for the noise? Lori de Froup

  6. I adore what you've done with the book! I've also been working on an EAP book, based on a journal I created last week at an Ingrid Dijkers class. I love that your hubby helps you with your artwork. Mine does too, when I need it, and it makes it so much more fun!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! You've been busy. I can't wait to show celia the fairy house, she'll love it. And the Poe book? Awesomeness!! The body parts drawers are genius!