Thursday, June 30, 2011

Modeling Paste

This morning I ran down to the studio to do a quick trial using my new modeling paste.  I cut a circle out of some scrap cereal box board and placed it on the left hand side of my card.  I just scraped the modeling paste over the circle stencil with my pallet knife.  The smaller circles were made using a plastic stencil as was the "friends" text.  Next I tried different mediums over the paste to see how they would react.
Starting at the bottom
Stripe 1 - watercolor
Stripe 2 - watercolor
Stripe 3 - 50/50 mix of acrylic and glazing medium
Stripe 4 - the same mix as 3 but with a bit of water mixed in with another color too
Stripe 5 - alcohol ink
Stripe 6 - sponged on inkpad ink
Stripe 7 - luminere paint
Vertical side stripe is of course gold leaf.  I took a bit of black ink on my sponge and lightly wiped it over the word "friends" to bring it out a bit more.
Voila  - lots of new ideas in my head now!


  1. I like reading about the process.

  2. Wow - like this. You're going to be an expert at what kind of colorants are good for what effects! Great job!

  3. Oooo - I like these. I have just started experimenting with molding paste myself. I just discovered Golden light molding paste which seems to be whipped and dries much quicker. I love your circles...I need to go paste now...Lori from Sketchbook and Art Camp for Women