Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching Up

I've been so busy doing art lately (among other things!) that I haven't made it here to add what I've been working on!  So this post will be a bit of an art dump! lol!
Let's start with a few altered cabinet cards!  While I couldn't bring myself to paint on any of my ancestors cabinet cards, I had no problem doodling on complete strangers!  These really are a lot of fun but good cabinet cards that have that special character are getting harder and more expensive to find.

Next I have quite a few ATC swaps I've been participating in. 
The first swap was a fancy fish swap.  I used a variety of techniques, and I especially liked using the dimensional magic from ModPodge (covered goldfish in upper right).
The next swap was a flower swap.  These were a bit more chunky than my usual so the photo's of those are a bit blurry (I scaned instead of used my camera - lazy, I know!)

Next was a swap that challenged us to use metal air conditioning tape (it's a pretty sturdy adhesive backed foil). The card at the top involved wrapping the base card with yarn and then weaving foil strips through.

This next card below was a great surprise.  I didn't really have a plan for where I was going with it and I think it turned out just great!  On the base card I covered it with the foil tape, embosed little doodlies on it and then dripped and swiped alcohol inks on it.  Next I laid two pieces of recycled silk fiber I got from and then scattered some really cool cello glitter. I then covered the whole card in a sheet of tissue paper and then I applied the butterfly at the body area and bent the wings up.  I then cut the tissue paper away from underneath the wings.  I really like how it came out and it was so unexpected!

The next swap was one I just finished for the Roses On My Table site and had the theme of ocean.  For the top card, I actually wove some funky fiber on the top.  It took me back to my days in Guatemala where I learned how to weave on a backstrap loom from a group of mayan weavers.  I then added some lace that I watercolored and a little shear ribbon bow to finish it off - oh yes, and a fish!

 This card below just about made me crazy trying to get the eyelash yarn to stick to the card!  I started with a base of an old Nat Geo map of the ocean and stamped/watercolored/stenciled over it and then stuck big round blue glitter all over it - which reminded me why I don't use a lot of glitter! lol!  Then came the glue and eyelash yarn... egads, but I think I described it as trying to staple a jellyfish to a fried egg!
 This one was for my husband who is facinated with the giant squid.
Ok, leaving ATCs and moving on to journaling!
This top page was for the Roses Journal Journey and the prompt was "song"
This page below was an experiment for me using techniques I have never used before.  This and the next two pages were inspired after watching Cristina Zinnia Galliher's videos. For this page I started with a collage base of text and music then whitewashed, stenciled, glued fiber, attached photo and text elements, whitewashed again and then took pastels and melted them (blue and white) and applied.  I'm pretty happy with it!

 This page continues some of Cristina's techniques.  The subject is my sweet little girl.  I started with a fabric base, added text and music collage, paint, fiber, ribbon. and a little glitter at the end :-)
 This piece started with a collage base, added dried flowers, paint, fibers, stamped tissue paper and a chalkboard heart that I applied Mona to.  I kind of like this one too!  It's nice when you like your art! lol!
 This page was for a Roses group with the prompt of "Lyrics"  I chose "The Mummers Dance" by Lorenna McKennitt.
Then I think the only thing left are a few art challenges - one for a Marie Antoinette Gotic Arch and a Flower Matchbox.

This was the first matchbox I had ever done.  It was a real challenge to create in such a small space! For the inside of the box I lined it in handmade paper and then attached a glittered 3D flower sticker.  For the cover I wrapped the box in foil tape that had been coated in alcohol inks and a gold brocade ribbon attached to either end.  The flower on the front was made by pulling ribbon through a sewing bobbin and attaching a glass drop to the center.

 WHEW!  I think I am caught up now and can go make some more art! Yippee!


  1. You've been very busy with your artwork! I have to say that the fishes piqued my curiosity. I'd love to know more about how you created them.Great post!!

  2. OMG - Anna - one word: prolific! OK, maybe 2: Amazing! I love all your work - very creative and interesting. You have great imagination.

  3. WOWIE ZOWIE!! Fun to see everything in one place! Love those journal pages. And I haven't heard of dimensional modge podge. Very cool!

  4. Amazing productivity! And still managing to run the farm and getting sheep hoof in your face!!!! Girl, you've been busy. Awesome. There is some brilliant work in there. Well done!